General Election 2019

With Parliament in gridlock, this election is necessary to break free the process of leaving the EU.  Over three years ago, we here in Wyre Forest voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union. Although I voted Remain in that referendum, 63% of us here voted Leave. Since then, I have always voted in Parliament with the wishes of my constituents. Democracy is important and we must deliver Brexit with a deal, by the 31st January.

But after Brexit, what then?  

This election is about so much more than our relationship with our close neighbours, the EU. It is about a choice between a society that encourages achievement and opportunity, or one that is controlled by the state. One that sees success as inspirational, or an opportunity for more taxation.
It has been an honour to be your MP for nearly a decade. In that time I have seen local unemployment shrink, businesses move into our district, investment come into our town centres. Even Crown House in Kidderminster, the second ugliest building in Britain, is being taken down.

There is more to be done. Our district needs more investment, more care with planning decisions, more help for our local acute hospitals here in Worcestershire, more money for our schools. Our future generations need more opportunity and the skills that go with it.   Conservatives will deliver an optimistic Britain post Brexit. Thank you for your support.