View from Westminster 31st March 2017

The recent atrocities in Westminster serve to remind us that we are vulnerable to the attacks of not just organised terrorists, but also those of lone wolf self styled terrorists.

View from Westminster 22nd March 2017

It seems for the Scottish Nationalists that not even two referendums are enough. Nicola Sturgeon has opened a new row, pushing for what is being known as IndyRef2, Scotland’s opportunity to have a third referendum in four years – the second on independence.

View from Westminster 17th March 2017

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any more interesting, it takes another twist. The Lords amendments to the Article 50 bill were rejected by the Commons, and the Lords accepted that they had made their point with no further need to push their amendments.

Event for bus users Friday 31st March

I am delighted that Bus Users UK have kindly agreed to host an event for Wyre Forest Bus users in Kidderminster Town Hall on Friday, 31st March. This is an opportunity for all bus users to raise any issues they have with the bus companies.

Wyre Forest employment rate remains high

Figures released today by the Office of National Statistics show that the total number of unemployed claimants in Wyre Forest constituency in February 2017 was 790. This represents a rate of 1.7% of the economically active population, with the average rate in the UK currently at 2.5%.

View from Westminster 10th March 2017

For watchers of parliamentary process, the current committee stages of the Article 50 Bill are fascinating. Having successfully passed the Commons stage, the Article 50 Bill is now in the House of Lords.

View from Westminster 3rd March 2017

One of the benefits targeted at those suffering from disabilities is the personal independent payments – PIP. This is designed for people with mobility issue to be able to receive financial help in getting around.

View from Westminster 24th February 2017

When I first became Wyre Forest’s MP, local unemployment was around 2,500 – about 4.8% of the local population. Now at around 750, just 1.8% of the local workforce are looking for work. It is an economic theory that a healthy economy, in equilibrium, has an unemployment rate of around 2.5%.

View from Westminster 17th February 2017

Across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, health and care organisations are committed to providing safe and effective services. We have a growing population and rising demands on services, and so have to make sure we use resources effectively.

View from Westminster 10th February 2017

An announcement was made a couple of weeks ago regarding Kidderminster’s JobCentre Plus. Located in Lower Mill Street, it is due to be closed, and the services it provides relocated to the library in the town centre.