Westminster News

View from Westminster 7th October 2016

Wyre Forest has been lucky over one of the more unpleasant aspects of planning. But now, it seems, our luck has run out and we have started to see the activities of planning enablers emerge around the district.

View from Westminster 30th September 2016

Last weekend I was pleased to see Birmingham crowned the ‘Most Enterprising Place’ in Britain 2016. It’s a fantastic headline for the city but the award itself actually recognised the whole region’s success.

View from Westminster 23rd September 2016

Last week, the Boundary Commission published its proposed new parliamentary constituency boundaries. This has come as a result of a couple of things. The first being that parliament decided a few years ago that we needed to trim down the size of the chamber from 650 MPs to 600.

View from Westminster 16th September 2016

There are some pretty horrible things that go on in the world. Atrocities in Syria, war in Yemen, displaced refugees in their millions across the globe. Where people have been victimised, it has been by despotic regimes, terrorists and war.

View from Westminster 2nd September 2016

IN the post Brexit referendum UK, economic indicators seem to be showing mixed signals. It is, of course, far to early to be able to tell what effect, both in the short term and in the long term, the exit vote will bring.

View from Westminster 26th August 2016

The Parliamentary summer recess creates an open period when there is no real news. With the absence of proper news (and thank goodness for the Olympics this year), the media focuses on other stories in what becomes known as the “Silly Season”. But this year’s non Olympic story is far from silly.

View from Westminster 19th August 2016

This month – August 2016 – is quite a special month for me. It marks the month that I have been a member of parliament longer than I spent as a candidate. I was first elected in May 2010, but I was chosen as the Wyre Forest Conservative association’s candidate in January 2004.

View from Westminster 5th August 2016

It seems so recently that we were embarking on that fabulous summer four years ago – the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London 2012 Olympics. It was an amazing year of success, unity and plain simple fun and for a spell we forgot about the problems facing us.