Westminster News

View from Westminster 24th June 2016

The polls have closed, the results are in and we are set for Brexit. This is not a result I wanted, but I am proud to be part of the greatest democracy on Earth and so I look forward to representing, and acting on, the will of the people.

View from Westminster 20th June 2016

My favourite film is Apollo 13, the story of the doomed 1970 moon mission. In a key scene, Jim Lovell, the commander, radios mission control. “The earth’s getting pretty big in the window, fellers,” he calls. “We’re gonna need a plan for re-entry.” On the ground, mission commander Gene Krantz shrugs his shoulders and the message is returned “We’re just working on that now.”

View from Westminster 10th June 2016

Immigration is about the hottest topic that comes up on the doorstep. Whilst having an overall beneficial effect on our economy, it is not beneficial for everyone in our economy. Immigration might push down wages for unskilled workers, but even that is subjective given that we have such low unemployment in this country. But it worries many, many people.

View from Westminster 3rd June 2016

Interest in the referendum is intensifying. Last week I debated the pros and cons of our EU membership with regional UKIP MEP Jim Carver, attracting around 400 people – an impressive turnout. It was our intention that as many undecided people as possible would be in attendance, but in the end the audience was overwhelmingly decided, largely in the “out” camp. They were certainly eager to put across their opinions. Irrespective, however, of pre-formed views, it really was incredible to see so many at a political debate.

View from Westminster 20th May 2016

There are huge numbers of claims and counter claims being made in the current, important, EU membership debate. I can see just how confusing the whole thing is becoming. As a member of the Treasury Select Committee, we are spending a huge amount of time analysing this! So I thought it might be helpful to explain one or two of the myths over the next few weeks. The first is to look at the economic forecasts that are being put forward.

View from Westminster 13th May 2016

American elections have always captured our attention. With their expensive TV advertisements, enormous rallies and ferocious debates, the process is certainly unique.

View from Westminster 29th April 2016

There is increasingly more talk about inequality and high pay packages. This has been highlighted most recently by the failure of BHS and the re-focusing on how much Sir Philip Green took out of the business whilst he owned it. But we have also seen the controversy of the BP chief executive and his £14 million pay packet and, in that annual fest of gawping at the rich, the Times Rich List was published last week.

View from Westminster 22nd April 2016

As an MP, I get many requests for help from Wyre Forest residents. When I was first elected, I chose to spend the greater part of my staff allowance in Kidderminster, reasoning that the money given to MPs is an asset to the Wyre Forest community and that it should be spent on helping the community.

View from Westminster 15th April 2016

The last week has seen yet another big row over taxes. The Panama Papers leak has revealed a variety of people from around the world taking advantage of tax free jurisdictions to, possibly, hide money and avoid paying tax. This has included our own prime minister.