Mark Garnier Elected to Treasury Select Committee

Wyre Forest’s MP, Mark Garnier, is delighted to have been elected to one of the 13 seats on the hugely influential Treasury Select Committee. In a change from the previous arrangement, where seats on this committee were in the gift of the party whips, MPs are now voted onto the committees by their colleagues. This has the immediate effect of strengthening the committees’ influence.


Mark, who has a twenty-nine year history of working in business and finance, and brings with him a wealth of economic, investment and regulatory experience, said of his success: “I am very honoured to have been elected by my colleagues for this job. At the time when we will be making huge changes to our nation’s finances, and when we will be looking again at the roll of banks and how we regulate the financial services industry, the Treasury Select Committee is the single most influential place a backbencher can be. I am looking forward to this job immensely.”