Mark Garnier meets with new Worcestershire Hospitals Chief

Mark Garnier MP spent time on Friday meeting with the new Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust chairman, Sir David Nicholson. Sir David was the former chief executive of the NHS and has been described as a controversial choice.

Mark has already raised concerns and held a meeting with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt about this appointment. Mark has also organised a second, follow up meeting with the health secretary later this week.

Mark said: "I was concerned about the appointment of Sir David given his previous connection with the Mid Staffs NHS scandal under the previous, Labour government. However, during my previous meeting with Jeremy Hunt, we discussed Sir David's merits and agreed that he brings a wealth of experience, significant lessons learnt, and a strong desire to succeed in Worcestershire. I was pleased that I was reassured of these points when I met Sir David on Friday. 

"Sir David has been appointed on a year's contract and to continue longer than that, he will have to undergo a public application process. He has a serious job to do with our local acute hospital trust - a trust that continues to be in special measures.

"Having met Sir David, I am confident that he has the ability and the desire to succeed and I have offered to help him, in every way, to succeed. But whilst he recognises the challenge, he also recognises the brilliant staff who work at the trust and is hopeful to be able to turn the trust round. I wish him every best wishes and help in his endeavour. He can count on my full support."