Mark Garnier MP supports the Government’s spending on Policing

Mark Garnier supported the Government in the £12.6billion investment in policing for the year ahead and the approval for Police forces to increase their council tax by no more than £1 per month per household.

By 2018-19 this Conservative Government will have invested over a £billion more in policing compared to 2015-16.

Police are seeing more reports of complex crime and to the increased terrorist threat. The 2018/19 funding settlement helps the police respond to these challenges so they can build on the fall in crime of more than a third that we have seen since 2010.

Mark said “Police spending has been protected in real terms since 2015 and I welcome the news that the Minister for Policing & the Fire Service has acted on the meetings he has held with all 43 police forces, ensuring the police have the resources they need to keep us safe”.