Wyre Forest Referendum Debate – 27th May at the Civic Stourport

On Thursday 23rd June the United Kingdom will be voting on the future of our relationship with the EU.

James Carver MEP for the West Midlands and Mark Garnier MP for Wyre Forest will be debating the UK’s future membership with the EU.  Both Mark and James believe that the EU referendum is the most important decision our nation will make for many a generation.

In a recent You Gov Poll, dated 9th May, 13% of the British public are still undecided.  Therefore James and Mark will be getting together to answer questions from a Wyre Forest audience at the Stourport Civic on Friday, 27th May.

James said “As a local MEP, I have had first-hand experience of the difficulties the EU and its cumbersome regulation has caused for British Business, with creeping EU powers it will most likely be our last chance should the nation vote to remain.  I believe that this is our opportunity to reconnect with the world and restore true parliamentary democracy.”

With both Parliamentarians looking forward to taking important questions direct from their constituents in regards to our future membership with EU.

Mark said, “As Wyre Forest’s representative in Parliament, I strongly believe that the future for our district lies within the EU. Britain has become the world’s fifth biggest economy, and fourth strongest military power, not despite being a member of the EU but because our membership has enabled us to leverage our world influence. Being a significant member of the world’s biggest economic trading bloc is not a disadvantage to the UK. 

The Wyre Forest referendum debate on Friday 27th May is a free event with tickets which can be obtained by contacting the offices of either;  James Carver MEP 01562 216020 or Mark Garnier MP 01562 746771.   Additionally please submit questions for the evening to either office.