View from Westminster 16th February 2018

The 15th of January saw the launch of the Year of Engineering. This is the start of a crucial initiative which will see the government work with hundreds of industry partners to raise the profile of engineering among young people aged 7-16, their parents and their teachers.

View from Westminster

This week marks the 100th anniversary of women being allowed to vote. It is an extraordinary thought that there are still people alive who were around when women were not allowed to vote in this country. Yet there are millions across the world denied a vote for a whole host of reasons.

View from Westminster

Every January, we now support Holocaust Memorial Day. The service of remembrance is held at Midday on the closest Sunday to the 27th January and brings together a group of people who have an interest, one way or another in the atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.

View from Westminster 19th January 2018

Thousands of people will have been waking up this week worried about their jobs. Hundreds of thousands, if not more, will have been waking up worrying about their public services. The collapse of Carillion has repercussions across the whole of the country and our society.

View from Westminster 12th January 2018

The bigger news of the week from Westminster has been the government reshuffle. Before I became involved in politics, I could never quite get my head around just how an individual could move into a new job, heading up a government department, and be able to run it from day one.

View from Westminster 5th January 2018

Last week, in amongst the joy and happiness of the Christmas season, I spent a sad moment at the funeral of John Holden. John had been mayor of Stourport a few years ago and was afforded a Civic Funeral.