View from Westminster November 6th 2017

The latest focus on Westminster rekindles an issue that I have argued about for years: the care of MPs’ members of staff and how they are employed.

View from Westminster 20th October 2017

Ensuring we have good health services locally is a key part of an MPs role. Core to the checks and balances is the Care Quality Commission (CQC), ensuring standards are maintained across the country.

View from Westminster 13th October 2017

Making sure that we give all children a top quality education is no small challenge. On the whole, we do well at educating through our schools and universities, but we cannot be at all complacent about maintaining standards.

View from Westminster 6th October 2017

During the referendum campaign, I met a bloke who argued that Britain could be entirely self-sufficient. He claimed that we could manufacture everything we needed and that we could stop importing anything at all. We could be an isolated country, not dissimilar to the 70s sit-com, The Good Life.

View from Westminster 29th September 2017

Recent press is dominated by stories about Uber, the ground breaking new taxi service. At its heart is the decision by Labour’s Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to cancel Uber’s license.

View from Westminster 22nd September 2017

The jobs figures published last week were, by any standards, remarkable. Not only do we have a record number of people in work, we have the lowest unemployment rate for 42 years (4.3%). We are set to overtake Japan and Germany to lead the world’s advanced economies in terms of employment.

Westminster Hall Debate on Foreign Investment into the UK

As a Minister in the Department for International Trade I had the opportunity to speak in a Westminster Hall Debate this week on Foreign Investment into the UK.

The link for the full debate is posted below but the following are some of the points I raised during my speech.

View from Westminster 15th September 2017

The big event this week has been the passing of the first stage of the Great Repeal Bill – the bill that’s starts the technical process of exiting the EU and passing into law the vast array of EU laws, regulations and court judgements that means our laws are fully compliant with EU laws on the fi