View from Westminster 26th February 2016

The starting gun has been fired on the EU referendum. Negotiations completed, the date of the decision about Britain's future is set for the 23rd June.

View from Westminster 19th February 2016

Last week the disagreement between the government and the junior doctors reach a peak. As they embarked on yet another round of strikes, the government's negotiator finally accepted that the British Medical Association would not reach an agreement, and so the government has imposed a pay deal on junior doctors.

Conservatives deliver highest national employment rate since records began

Figures released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics show that the national employment rate was 74.1% from October to December 2015. This is the highest level of employment since records began in 1971. As well as this, average weekly earnings for employees in Great Britain increased 2.0% excluding bonuses, compared with a year earlier.

View from Westminster 5th February 2016

The EU referendum moved a stage closer this week, with the proposed deal from EU president Donal Tusk being announced on Tuesday. David Cameron has been negotiating on our behalf on four key areas designed to improve not just our relationship with the EU, but the EU in its entirety.

View from Westminster 29th January 2016

Corporate tax has hit the headlines again, in a big way. US internet giant Google has reached an agreement over its tax affairs between 2005 and 2011 and has settled with a £130 million payment. A row has erupted over whether this is enough or not.

View from Westminster 22nd January 2016

There was a little piece of Parliamentary history last week. For the first time since the creation of the Union, Scottish and Welsh MPs were excluded from a vote on issues exclusive to English constituents.

View from Westminster 18th January 2016

Four years ago the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust started a review of acute services in Worcestershire. As we know so well in Wyre Forest, health issues are a highly political arena. In Redditch, where there was a possibility that they may lose their A+E department, a Save The Alex campaign was set up. In Wyre Forest I encouraged a cross party approach - The Hospital Alliance.