Alan Duncan Visits Kidderminster

Shadow Secretary of State for Trade, Industry and Energy Alan Duncan MP was a visitor to Kidderminster on Monday when he talked to business students at Kidderminster College. The visit was organised by Mark Garnier who is a governor at Kidderminster College.

Action needed to tackle deadly new hospital superbug

Mark Garnier, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Wyre Forest, today expressed concern at new official figures which have exposed an alarming spread of a new hospital superbug - Clostridium difficile ('C-diff'). Twice as many people are now dying from major hospital-acquired superbugs than are killed each year on the roads.

Mark Garnier Congratulates Worcestershire County Council on 4 Star Rating

Mark Garnier, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Wyre Forest, has today congratulated Cllr George Lord, Leader of Worcestershire County Council, for doing a terrific job and securing a four star rating for Worcestershire County Council. The four star rating was awarded by the Audit Commission and their report was published today.

Conservatives Condemn Proposed Bin Taxes

Mark Garnier, responding to enquiries from Wyre Forest residents, has today confirmed that the Conservative Party is totally opposed to a suggested charge levied on domestic waste. Policy review papers from Downing Street have advocated the introduction of charging for domestic waste collection.

Cllr Michael Oborski

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Cllr Mike Oborski. Mike was a County and District Councillor for over 30, was a past Mayor of Kidderminster, former Chairman of Wyre Forest and past Leader of Wyre Forest District Council.

Oliver Letwin Visits Wyre Forest

The Right Honourable Oliver Letwin MP, Conservative Shadow Cabinet member and Head of Conservative Policy Review, last night visited Wyre Forest to meet with local representatives of core public services. Mr Letwin was a guest of Wyre Forest Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Mark Garnier and was in Kidderminster to hear the views of interested local parties - views that will crucially be taken into account when the Conservative Party finalises its policies ahead of the next general election.

Wyre Forest Shows Off Recycling Facilities

Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment Peter Ainsworth MP today visited Wyre Forest to see for himself the much heralded local facilities. After visiting the Network Worcestershire electrical goods recycling plant in Oldington and Foley Park, and then the Green Street offices of Wyre Forest District council where recycling is managed, the Conservative front bench spokesman for the environment declared himself "very impressed indeed".

Latest Government Cuts Target Post Offices

This week, the Labour Government announced its latest target for cuts. Now, it seems, Post Offices are due to come under Gordon Brown's service cuts knife. With 2,500 due to be closed across the country, Wyre Forest is unlikely to escape the cull.