View from Westminster 15th September 2017

The big event this week has been the passing of the first stage of the Great Repeal Bill – the bill that’s starts the technical process of exiting the EU and passing into law the vast array of EU laws, regulations and court judgements that means our laws are fully compliant with EU laws on the fi

View from Westminster 1st September 2017

Theresa May has announced new measures to tackle obscene pay levels for senior executives. The proposals include a public register that names and shames high pay, and  how shareholders vote on pay settlements. This goes further than the existing rules and I  welcome them.

View from Westminster 25th August 2017

I was once told by an American state governor that in politics, if you stray too far from the middle of the road, you end up in the gutter of politics.

View from Westminster 18th August 2017

Those of us old enough will recall what it is like to live in a world threatened by nuclear war. Until the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, there were periods of heightened concern that we would all be blown to smithereens, or die a horrible death in a nuclear winter.

View from Westminster 11th August 2017

I have been very conscious that as an MP, I am the only national level politician available to residents of Wyre Forest. This is important because despite having the biggest vote share, many people do not subscribe to my party’s views.

View from Westminster 4th August 2017

Gender pay equality is something that is rarely far below the public consciousness. For centuries, women have suffered inequalities: lower wages are one such problem, but others include not having the vote until 1918, but only over the age of 30.

View from Westminster 28th July 2017

The term “nimby”, or “nimby-ism”, is one that is frequently used to refer to people who obstinately refuse to allow progress in their community; to refuse change – ‘not in my back yard’. But I see Nimby-ism as something that helps communities keep what is good.

View from Westminster 21st July 2017

There are many things that can be said about the recent general election, but the last election is remarkable because of the amount of abuse handed out to candidates of all parties.

View from Westminster 14th July 2017

The hot political topic of the moment is public sector pay scales. After years of public sector pay restraint – capped at no more than 1% increase since 2010 – there is an understandable weariness about this whole issue.