MP View - Former Lloyds Garage Site, Stourport

A society defines itself by how it treats its most vulnerable people. Many in our society are vulnerable for many different reasons, but some of those who need our help the most are homeless, including rough sleepers.

MP View 17th June 2020

This week sees a bit more easing of the lockdown, with the opening of non-essential shops. This is quite totemic as it represents some semblance to normal life. As shops open, we see again the part of the economy we are most familiar with.

MP View 10th June 2020

Last week, I started this column saying I rarely referred to international news, but talked about the death of George Floyd.

West Midlands Safari Park Given The Go Ahead To Reopen

Mark Garnier welcomes the announcement of the reopening of zoos and safari parks across the UK.   Safari parks are well equipped for social distancing given the isolated nature of visitors remaining in their vehicles.

Westminster View

I rarely use this column to comment on international affairs, but watching the world over the last few days and weeks has been extraordinary.

Agriculture Bill - Upholding Food Safety and Animal Welfare

This Government is committed to upholding our high environmental, food safety and animal welfare standards now that we have left the European Union. We will stand firm in trade negotiations to ensure any future trade deals live up to the values of farmers and consumers across the UK.

Coronavirus Update Wrap

During this time of National lockdown and social distancing I have taken a wrap on the local Shuttle paper to provide residents with vital information and contact details for them to access information and support.  An online version can be found by following this link Mark Garnier’s Coronvirus W

Westminister View 18th March 2020

Coronavirus is an ever accelerating, widespread crises. The latest announcement from the government concedes that this is not just a medical event, but an economic event of unprecedented proportions.

Westminster Hall Debate on Lea Castle Farm Quarry

This morning in Parliament I held a Westminster Hall debate on the Lea Castle Farm Quarry Application.  I attach a video of my speech and I am grateful for the Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government for attending.