Indicative Votes - 27th March 2019

The votes last night, seeking some sort of direction of travel, failed to achieve any clarity. But for the purposes of transparency, it might be helpful for people to see how I voted, and why.

Government loses control on Business in the House

Avid followers of Brexit will aware that things aren’t going well. What is remarkable is that each week brings a new and completely unexpected catastrophe. Last Monday week we were looking forward to a relatively benign week.

March 2019 Unemployment levels

Wyre Forest has been outperforming UK unemployment figures since December 2013.   

Mark Garnier welcomes employment figures as Wyre Forest continues to maintain a steady level of employment.    


With the confusion over last might's votes and who was voting for what, I wanted to explain my actions, and importantly, the reasons for them.

Knife crime

MP View 13th March 2019

Another big week for Brexit – perhaps the biggest week so far. Reading the Sunday press, and chatting through things with my colleagues, it rather looks as if the week will end without resolution. Again.

Best way to deliver Brexit

Brexit rumbles on, getting ever closer to B-Day – just three weeks away. Or maybe not the end? I’m getting lots of emails about it.

Politics Gone Crazy

Just when you thought politics had got crazy enough, it gets even madder. The seismic events in Westminster last week demonstrate just how broken our system is.

Teenagers from Shamima Begum to Climate Change

There were a couple of stories, last week, about teenagers bunking off school. The first was about a 15-year-old schoolgirl, Shamima Begum, plotting with friends to save money, organise the trip and then run away to Syria to become an ISIS bride. Now 19, she wants to come home.