Mark Garnier meets with new Worcestershire Hospitals Chief

Mark Garnier MP spent time on Friday meeting with the new Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust chairman, Sir David Nicholson. Sir David was the former chief executive of the NHS and has been described as a controversial choice.

View from Westminster

There were a couple of things dominating the political news last week; one ridiculous, one important. The silly news was that Jeremy Corbyn was somehow a Czech asset for intelligence, based on one or more cups of tea with a Czech diplomat turned spy back in the 1980s.

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This week’s announcement of a review into student fees is welcome. The UK has the highest cost, to students, anywhere in the world.

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This week marks the 100th anniversary of women being allowed to vote. It is an extraordinary thought that there are still people alive who were around when women were not allowed to vote in this country. Yet there are millions across the world denied a vote for a whole host of reasons.

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Every January, we now support Holocaust Memorial Day. The service of remembrance is held at Midday on the closest Sunday to the 27th January and brings together a group of people who have an interest, one way or another in the atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.

View from Westminster 22nd September 2017

The jobs figures published last week were, by any standards, remarkable. Not only do we have a record number of people in work, we have the lowest unemployment rate for 42 years (4.3%). We are set to overtake Japan and Germany to lead the world’s advanced economies in terms of employment.

View from Westminster 1st September 2017

Theresa May has announced new measures to tackle obscene pay levels for senior executives. The proposals include a public register that names and shames high pay, and  how shareholders vote on pay settlements. This goes further than the existing rules and I  welcome them.