MP View 25th August 2020

As we come towards the end of the summer break, there are a couple of things that are important locally.

MP View 11th August 2020

Next Tuesday, Wyre Forest District Council’s application to build a homeless shelter in Stourport goes in front of the council’s planning committee.

MP View 29th July 2020

This week, thousands of British people will be watching, in dismay, as their summer holiday plans crumble to dust. The quarantine rules on Spain have changed rapidly over the weekend and this has raised the question of what country will be next?

MP View 22nd July 2020

This week saw the completion of the Trade Bill. This has been a long process, one that started back in early 2018, and its laborious passage reflects the controversy that trade will present.

MP View 8th July 2020

This week saw the announcement from the Chancellor on how we are going to kick start the economy. After three months of lockdown, we need to see demand pick up to ensure we get the so-called V-shaped recovery.

MP View 10th June 2020

Last week, I started this column saying I rarely referred to international news, but talked about the death of George Floyd.

Westminster View

I rarely use this column to comment on international affairs, but watching the world over the last few days and weeks has been extraordinary.

Why I am Supporting Jeremy Hunt for Conservative Leader

Choosing the next leader of the Conservative Party is not a decision to be taken lightly. We are in Government. This individual will become the prime minister of the 5th biggest economy on the planet, the 4th biggest military budget.