Westminster News

Withdrawal Agreement Receives Royal Assent

With many 100s of hours spent on the Withdrawal Agreement and leaving the EU and several failed votes prior to the General Election in December, Parliament has now successfully completed the passage of the Withdrawal Bill.  On January 23rd 2020 The Withdrawal Bill received Royal Assent and the UK

Mark welcomes increase in the Local Housing Allowance

Mark Garnier MP welcomes an increase in the Local Housing Allowance

The Government is delivering on the election promises and ensuring that the most vulnerable in our society continue to benefit from a robust economy.

Supporting Commonwealth Forces Veterans

I am delighted to be a co-signatory of the letter to the Home Secretary and support the campaign for the Government to abolish visa fees for Commonwealth servicemen and women for indefinite leave to remain in this country for which they have served.

Brexit Discussions Continue

The chaos doesn’t get any better. With the prospect of the UK facing a hard Brexit on Friday evening, we are no closer to any resolution of the political crisis.

2nd Indicative Votes - 1st April 2019

Last night saw the 2nd session of indicative votes - and I set out below the four motions selected by the Speaker and my decisions on how I voted.

Motion C - Customs Union

Voted - Abstain

Result: Ayes 273; Noes 276

Indicative Votes - 27th March 2019

The votes last night, seeking some sort of direction of travel, failed to achieve any clarity. But for the purposes of transparency, it might be helpful for people to see how I voted, and why.

Britain Has A Chance to Punch Above its Weight

Finally! The parliamentary Brexit tectonic plates have shifted just a little. A series of backbench amendments resulted in one defeat for the government, and one significant victory. All other amendments failed to make the grade.

View from Westminster 16th February 2018

The 15th of January saw the launch of the Year of Engineering. This is the start of a crucial initiative which will see the government work with hundreds of industry partners to raise the profile of engineering among young people aged 7-16, their parents and their teachers.