View from Westminster 21st July 2017

There are many things that can be said about the recent general election, but the last election is remarkable because of the amount of abuse handed out to candidates of all parties.

View from Westminster 14th July 2017

The hot political topic of the moment is public sector pay scales. After years of public sector pay restraint – capped at no more than 1% increase since 2010 – there is an understandable weariness about this whole issue.

View from Westminster 7th July 2017

There are two significant local issues that are occupying most of my time. Two issues that have been well reported, but are important to our district and our community: redundancies at both Brinton Carpets and Victoria Carpets; the issue of local health provision.

View from Westminster 30th June 2017

The latest announcement of cuts at Victoria Carpets brings yet more uncertainty to staff locally. Victoria’s announcement follows closely on the heels of Brinton’s similar announcement a couple of weeks ago.

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View from Westminster 23rd June 2017

From time to time, when writing this column, there is far more to talk about than there is space to write. This is one of those weeks.

View from Westminster 21st April 2017

The starting gun has been fired and the Prime Minister has announced a general election. To be held on June the 8th, it fits in with a tight timetable that gets this out of the way before the European Commission reports back on its position on our Article 50 negotiating position.