View from Westminster 27th November 2015

HSBC recently announced it was closing its branch in Bewdley on the basis that it was simply not economical to keep the branch open. But this closure is a big deal for Bewdley - it marks the closure of the last bank branch in town.

View from Westminster 20th November 2015

No one who has been following the news cannot be completely stunned by the events in Paris last Friday. It is breath taking that such a small group of terrorists can wreak such devastating havoc on a city in such a short period of time. The news unfolds on a daily basis as more suspects are arrested and gun battles take place between the security services and suspects - people suspected, it seems, quite rightly as one blew herself up whilst involved in a gun battle.

View from Westminster 6th November 2015

Over the last year or two, there have been a number of bank branch closures in Wyre Forest. Kidderminster is losing the Co-op branch and Barclays closed in Bewdley last year. In the last week, HSBC has announced that it will close its branch in Bewdley.

View from Westminster 30th October 2015

From time to time, the mechanics of Parliament come under scrutiny and cause confusion. One possible reasons for this is that Parliament has been making its rules for around 800 years. The way the rules work is not always in a manner that makes sense in a modern world. Much of the way we do business in parliament is done by conventions and traditions.

View from Westminster 23rd October 2015

This week sees the state visit of President Xi Jinping of China. The full menu of state visit pomp and circumstance will be offered, including not one but three state banquets. There will be much to discuss, including investment in new nuclear power stations in the UK - something that many feel nervous about (for security reasons). But there are two big issues that people will be looking to the Prime Minster to raise. Trade and human rights.