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View from Westminster 23rd June 2017

From time to time, when writing this column, there is far more to talk about than there is space to write. This is one of those weeks.

View from Westminster 21st April 2017

The starting gun has been fired and the Prime Minister has announced a general election. To be held on June the 8th, it fits in with a tight timetable that gets this out of the way before the European Commission reports back on its position on our Article 50 negotiating position.

View from Westminster 14th April 2017

The process of bringing the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust back to full working order has recently undergone another major step. New Chief Executive Michelle MacKay has started, completing the appointment of the crucial chairman / CEO double act.

View from Westminster 31st March 2017

The recent atrocities in Westminster serve to remind us that we are vulnerable to the attacks of not just organised terrorists, but also those of lone wolf self styled terrorists.

View from Westminster 22nd March 2017

It seems for the Scottish Nationalists that not even two referendums are enough. Nicola Sturgeon has opened a new row, pushing for what is being known as IndyRef2, Scotland’s opportunity to have a third referendum in four years – the second on independence.

View from Westminster 17th March 2017

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any more interesting, it takes another twist. The Lords amendments to the Article 50 bill were rejected by the Commons, and the Lords accepted that they had made their point with no further need to push their amendments.