Extension of Sick Pay and Benefit Measures

If you are unable to work because of following government guidelines on self isolating in relation to Covid-19 including precautionary measures without symptoms the following has been legislated further to the budget announcements:

Extend SPP to those who are self-isolating in line with Government health guidance.

adjust the ESA and UC rules to ensure people are entitled to money from day 1 and we support self-employed people, including in the gig-economy, to receive welfare payments for periods of self-isolation


People on zero hour contacts may be eligible for SSP.  It will depend on how many hours they have worked regularly and the income received.  Please consult your employer directly.

People affected by Covid-19 who need financial help will be able to access the benefit system without the need to provide medical evidence or attend a work capability assessment.  The 7 day waiting days for Employment and Support Allowance for new claimants suffering from coronavirus or required to self-isolate will not apply.


Affected self-employed claimants will also not have a Minimum Income Floor applied for a period of time within Universal Credit.